Welcome to the Protective Order Registry of Texas (PROTECT)

NOTICE: This system is available for Restricted Users only.

PROTECT is the access portal for protective orders in Texas for use only by Restricted Users pursuant to Sec. 72.155 of the Texas Government Code. Such users include the following parties and their designees: the Attorney General, a district attorney, a criminal district attorney, a county attorney, a municipal attorney, or a peace officer (as defined in Texas Code of Criminal Procedure art. 2.12).

While state and federal law currently provides peace officers access to limited information on issued protective orders, the Registry provides access to both applications and orders to other members of the justice community. In addition, the Registry contains images of both applications and orders to facilitate more comprehensive investigation and enforcement. For more information on the statute which authorized the Registry, go to https://www.txcourts.gov/judicial-data/protective-order-registry/laws-rules/

The statewide registry also provides limited public access to protective orders when the protected person has authorized access. This access is subject to strict confidentiality standards to protect victims of family violence, stalking, sexual assault, and human trafficking. For public access to protective orders, please visit https://topics.txcourts.gov

NOTE: Electronic access to court information regarding protection orders is restricted by federal and state law in addition to court rules and orders. The OCA Protective Order Registry does not provide access to either confidential or sealed case information. The information on the Registry is made available as a service by the Office of Court Administration.

Information displayed on the Registry is not an official court record. The information may contain errors or omissions and should not be considered complete or used as an official court record. Accuracy of the information is not warranted. Official records of court proceedings may only be obtained directly from the court maintaining the record.

For verified Agency Heads and Terminal Agency Coordinators, you are designated as a RESTRICTED USER and may have already been uploaded into the system with protective order user rights.

  •   To confirm that you have access, please access the login and enter your email. You should receive an email momentarily with a link to the registry.
  •   For instructions on adding your staff and next steps, please go to the Protective Order Registry Restricted User Instructions.
  •   If you do not receive an email with a link to the website, please go here to request access.
  •   If you have any questions, please go to the FAQ

For other staff members, please request access directly from the head of your agency or your Terminal Agency Coordinator. You will get access to the system only when he/she has added you as a user.